Uniquie Art Prints to buy direct

I have spent many weeks going through my images from the past twenty years in order to select the best for art prints.   These are some of my favourite images: landscapes, wildlife, people and underwater.  I always balk at the notion of calling myself an artist, or my photographs 'art work' or 'fine art'.  To me it is a craft.  It demands skill, and knowledge and understanding. Understanding of the physics of light and photography, the specific controls and workings of the equipment you use, the natural environment you are working in and sometimes the natural history of the animals you are attempting to capture images of.  Without those skills and that knowledge then any concept you may have in your head of what an image you wish to capture should look like is likely to remain and nowhere else.  Unless of course you get lucky. So I like to think these images are not the results of luck alone.  They are the cumulative result of many thousands of hours getting up before dawn and carrying heavy gear to a remote location, or lying in cold mud for an hour until the shot and the light is just right, of swimming hard when your lungs feel like they might burst to get down to where the shark you want to capture hangs, and of nights in tiny one-man tents half way up a rainswept mountain in order to capture first light.  And I find, the more of this I do, the luckier I get.

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