Colin Munro Photography New Website

Blue shark, Prionace glauca.

Welcome to the new look Colin Munro Photography website.  My old site had been to look very clunky and much of the content was outdated, plus it was not the best for displaying images. And after all, what else is a photographer's website for?

Still very much a work in progress, content will be added and the site will develop over the next few days and weeks.  This is also my new blog.  Frustratingly, my previous blog has become unavailable due to technical issues that are testing the outer limits of my rudimentary understanding of servers, SQL and PHP.  Hence my new blog here. As I sit, hunched over my laptop in a hot and humid Thailand,  trying to resolve the issues with my existing blog  I will post new content here. If and when the old blog is up and running again, I'll make a decision as to how I merge to two, or keep both.

Meanwhile, if you have 30 seconds spare why not enjoy the slideshow on my home page, and if you have a couple of minutes spare then you could browse some of my galleries. Yeah, I know... there are not many images there yet.  That will change over the next week or so, so keep coming back.  There are a few other developments in the pipeline, but I'll keep those under wraps for now.


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